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3.5 x 7.5 Autism Awareness Ribbon Car Magnet

3.5 x 7.5 Autism Awareness Ribbon Car Magnet

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Autism Awareness Ribbon Car Magnet

  • Autism Awareness Ribbon Car Magnet is perfect to show your support for autism research with this colorful car magnet.
  • This 3.5"x7.5" magnet is digitally printed on .030" white, weather-resistant magnetic material.
  • Great for refrigerators, lockers, and vehicles.
  • Before applying your magnet to your vehicle, make sure that both surfaces are clean and flat.
  • Remove your magnet frequently and clean both surfaces to avoid damage to your paintwork.
  • Do not apply over rust spots or flaky paint.
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Customer Reviews

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Margaret. J. Kaeger…correction to typo..Jaeger
Mixed but ends on positive notes

I love the puzzle ribbons and have for years. I’ve had them before and it was a long time ago. Some clerks at grocery stores who opted to help me out with the groceries commented on their love of that special car magnet and sure would like to have one..,I told them to take what they wanted ,,,that’s what they were for. Gradually they’ve disappeared over the years until we were down to the last one of 12 so Gramps said.,,do you know where we can get some more of those ribbon puzzle magnets..,just this year..and I said I sure do .,if they’re still in business. You see,,we had a different auto and I had a hard time finding it from others in the store parking lots.,but having my Autism ribbons on the car helped me find it easier. So I ordered 12 more and soon as they arrived..or rather, the next day, Gramps was the one to carry the package out to stick several on the car. I was surprised because earlier, he had complained of the s & h charge ..being too high, he thought. I said I don’t care, their funds go to a good cause. And he was a bit disgruntled that the ribbon puzzle magnets edges were the same color as our different car…harder to see. You see the picture online has a white edge around it but the new magnets don’t have that,,,however, they do have the big white pieces of the top loop.,,tho cut out…so I said leave the white spot in it. So we did and Gramps was happy. In the end, we were both very pleased to have a magnet that served many purposes for autism and us… 1. For free reminders that onlookers can have ,,whether they ask for them or not…and 2. they serve as identifyers on our different auto,,and 3. That we have helped to support the causes of autism that people actually read. It’s such a small thing but so common in plain sight…glad we could do something so..multi purpose ….as our grandson,,who is now 27,,is our one affected by vaccine autism. It’s a silent protest of that fact and a reminder to others that vaccine induced regressive Still going on. I am glad to do this little part,

Danielle Bowling

Love them