Basketball Cutout Yard Sign with Spinner


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Basketball Cutout Yard Sign with Spinner
Basketball Cutout Yard Sign with Spinner
Basketball Cutout Yard Sign with Spinner

Send us your photos here: photo upload link

  • Personalized 4mm corrugated plastic basketball cutout sign with spinner.
  • These basketball player team yard signs actually have a spinning basketball above the hand that twirls in the wind.
  • Each cutout is approximately 20” to 24" wide or UP to 30” tall.  This depends on how the subject is framed within the picture.  Upgrade to Max width= 24" Max height=35"
  • Sign includes a special 'Wind Rider' pin to hold the basketball above the hand.
  • Use as a fundraiser or to show your team spirit.
  • Basketball cutout spinners are a great way to represent and support your players.
  • These basketball cutouts are printed on one side, in full digital color.
  • Basketball cutouts are cut around body with our digital cutting machine.
  • The corrugated plastic is durable and weather proof and even sturdy enough for the whole season!
  • Standard turnaround time is 10-14 business days.
  • Photos should be taken similar to the photo where the hand is out from the head about eight inches so there is room for the ball.

When You are Ready to Order:

Send us your photos: Start off by sending us your own high resolution photo. The photo must have a minimum of 150 dpi, 300 dpi is best. High resolution photos are absolutely necessary, pictures taken from the web (Facebook, Instagram, etc...) are not recommended. Also, please send us your pictures as you would like them cropped. (If you have a special request, please provide with your initial order.)


  • Do not edit files prior to upload.
  • Photos from an iPhone or other phone can be fine if they are taken and uploaded at full resolution (up to 4 MB).
  • It's best to minimize the background in any player photos. The person in the photo should take up as much room in the photo as possible. This will increase the resolution of the person in the photo.
  • Poses are best with arms at sides, or with hands held in front/back. Arms out or wide poses such as holding helmet or ball to the side results in shorter overall cutouts due to space limitations.
  • Try to take ALL photos in even lighting that is not overly harsh or direct.
  • Players are typically cropped at waist level to include jersey number (if applicable) and provide consistency for all players.
  • If you choose to upgrade to the larger size, you get an average of 7" in height gain.
Basketball Cutout Yard Sign with Spinner
Basketball Cutout Yard Sign with Spinner
Basketball Cutout Yard Sign with Spinner

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