Virtual Reality Science At-home Tutor: Energy (7PS)


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Virtual Reality Science At-Home Tutor.  This unit is Grade 7 Physical Science: Energy.

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VictoryVR is creating virtual reality science books for students in grades 5-8. Our product is designed for use by school districts, homeschoolers, libraries, museums, and beyond. The VR packages can be viewed with Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear, and iPhones.

VictoryVR Education Unit Contents
Relying on the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) as our model, we are creating original, engaging, and informative content for every one of our science units. We currently have 24 middle school units completed, with five VR experiences per unit (120 total) and three assessments per unit. Each unit contains these elements:

  • (1 – 2) Virtual Field Trips
  • (1) Interactive Game/Learning Activity
  • (2) Instructional Stories: VR Comic Book, Theatre experience, or VR Journey
  • (1) Teacher Demo/Experiment
  • (3) Assessments (connected to the cloud for recordkeeping)

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