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24" Starter Package | KG The Last Time

24" Starter Package | KG The Last Time

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Start your own Yard Sign Greeting Business with our 24" Starter Kit

  • Everything you need to start renting yard greetings and bring joy to your community.
  • With our all-inclusive kit, you can easily make your investment back after a few weeks, and start collecting the profits! 
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Common Questions

How should I keep track of my inventory?

Using a spreadsheet is an excellent way to keep track of what you currently have, especially for things such as the number of letters and colors currently being used in others yards. In terms of physically storing, organizing by color or type works very well, and makes it easy to find signs when you need to rent them.

How do I deal with a request/event that takes place at a random time? (ie a baby being born)

Extend the rental time, or ask them to call you 24 hours in advance to give you time to set up and not get too surprised by it

How To Place Signs In A Yard

You should make sure the colors you choose work well together when you place signs in a yard, along with using the correct stakes. If you’re unsure of how a design will look, you can always use your own yard to test it out.

Practice makes perfect, so make sure to experiment some and find what looks best. And if you’re embarrassed at the possibility of people seeing something less than stellar, you can always use your backyard as a testing area instead.

Having your signs pre-staked saves a lot of time, as you don’t have to spend time attaching and detaching the stakes when you arrive at the customer’s house.

It is also important to accommodate yard sizes. Not all yards can accommodate large letters, so having backup smaller letters for yards that are not as large is a smart plan.

It’s essential that your sign is “filled” with decorations throughout the space it covers, to make sure there is little-to-no blank space on the final product.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Great sets

Would highly recommend this company. Some of my letters came damaged from delivery and spoke to our coordinator and the issue has been fixed . Love that you get someone that is in charge of your order instead of having to call costumer service and spend hours trying to get a hold of someone. The signs are so nice !

Krystal Dennison
Best customer service hands down!

Patti is the best! They are very attentive and very responsive! Love the signs we chose! They are great! Won’t purchase anywhere else!

Great starter kit!

Everything is spot on. Colors and quality is great. Only complaint is the gifts. They are just bad and should be redesigned.