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Phone Case Fundraiser for Schools or Organizations

Make big bucks for your school or organization with our phone case fundraiser.

iphone case fundraiser

How it Works

Sell custom iPhone 4, iPhone 5/5c, iPhone 6/6+, Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung Galaxy S6, and Samsung Galaxy S4 mini protective cases for your school team or club and make big money. 

  • There is no up front cost to you!
  • We will create 2 free designs for your school. Want more designs? 5 designs total (3 + 2 free) = $50 deposit; 10 designs total =$100 deposit (Your deposit will be applied to your order when placed)
  • We will also supply a sales sheet with 100 stock designs, to supplement your school designs. Download here.
  • Choose to sell your cases for $15 or $20. See the chart below help you decide. Please let your sales representative know which amount you choose.
  • After you approve your designs, we will create a 'Girl Scout cookie' style sales form. A generic sales form can be downloaded here.
  • Buyers will be able choose which model of case they'd like with the below case color options available:
    Iphone4 (clear only)
    Iphone5 (clear, black, and white)
    phone5c (clear only)
    Iphone6 (Black only)
    Iphone6+ (black only)
    Samsung Galaxy3 (white and black)
    Samsung Galaxy4 (white and black)
    Samsung Galaxy5 (white and black)
    Samsung Galaxy6 (black only)
  • Students, Staff, Athletes, etc... take orders and you place your order all at once. If you paid a deposit, your amount will be applied to your order.
  • Shipping is FREE
  • Download an information sheet to present to your board or committee. Information Sheet


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Phone Case Fundraiser Testimonial

"We had a great weekend! We sold more then half of our inventory in our first night of sales. Selling phone cases at our home football game was so easy. Once people saw all the cool designs, it was an easy sell! What a great way to show school spirit and raise money for our boosters club."

Jonna S.
Pleasant Valley High School


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"What an awesome experience we had working with VictoryStore.com. As a youth sports organization we are constantly trying to find new ways to raise money quickly. Everyone sells candy and raffles and it becomes time-consuming and hard to sell items at times. Through VictoryStore we were able to come up with a fundraiser that sold quickly and the kids really enjoyed selling. Almost everyone with a cell phone buys a cell phone case. Through Victorystore.com we were able to create our own styles to fit our organization colors and sport. Then they prepared the log sheets we used to make the sales. We were even able to set our own profit amount. The sale was simple, easy and best of all we collected our profits up-front and only paid for what we sold. No minimums were required which was probably the best feature of all. We will definitely use VictoryStore.com again for fundraising and more specifically we enjoyed working with their representative Carl Sansone. He was quick to answer questions, solve any problems and followed up to be sure we had everything we needed."

Liana A.
Iselin Giants Football and Cheerleading

"I worked with Ryan Nesham and he was a pleasure to work with. The quality of the smart phone cases is excellent. I was also looking at another company which was less expensive but they screen print on the back of the black plastic which will rub off. I decided to go with VictoryStore because they print on an insert which is then inserted into the plastic case. Printing on the insert is a much more durable method. Additionally, you get a higher quality image because it has a gloss coating. My logo has some very fine detail of white speckles in the front and a white outline around the font. I had it designed like that to create a visual difference between the message and my phone number. This would have been difficult to duplicate by screen printing directly on the plastic. I have one of these on my own phone and it's gorgeous. A lot of people have been asking for them!"

Phil F.
1-800-HURT-911 Inc.

"VictoryStore provided exceptional sales service, with a rep that was available at every call and responded to every change quickly. The quality of the cell case fundraiser items exceeded our expectations. Our customers and athletes who sold them were very happy with their cases."

Rustin M.
Arbor View High School


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