18"x24" Corrugated Plastic Yard Sign


  • 18"x24" Corrugated Plastic Yard Sign
  • 18"x24" Corrugated Plastic Yard Sign
  • 18"x24" Corrugated Plastic Yard Sign
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Contact a rep at sales@victorystore.com to have one of our designers assist in creating your designs or customize your sign using our online editor here:

Personalized 18" x 24" 4mm Corrugated Plastic Yard Signs. The design will be printed in one to full color on either one or both sides, depending on your choosing. Great for political campaign yard signs, team sports signs, and Realtor signs. Vertically fluted corrugated plastic material is sturdy, weatherproof and recycable. This is the standard size sign used by most candidates across the United States. We also offer EZ Stakes and H Frames for easy posting of your yard signs. The Weird Logic Behind Yard Signs in Politics "Steve Grubbs, however, doesn't think in those terms. The Republican political operative, who spent six years as an Iowa legislator in the '90s and was once the head of the Iowa GOP, launched a company in 1999 called VictoryStore.com, and it's treated him well ever since, earning revenue in the tens of millions during election years. To put it simply, Grubbs realized that die-cutting corrugated plastic into interesting shapes was the perfect way to create yard signs



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