2.75"x11" Custom Bumper Magnet


  • 2.75"x11" Custom Bumper Magnet
  • 2.75"x11" Custom Bumper Magnet
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Contact a rep at sales@victorystore.com to have one of our designers assist in creating your designs or customize your sign using our online editor here:

Magnetic bumper sticker are now even easier to work with. This magnetic sticker is great for business promotions, school spirit, political campaigns and more! Our custom bumper magnets are suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Your custom one to full color design will be printed in on .030 thick flexible magnet material. Need PMS Color Matching? $42/per color. Call 888-968-2688 to speak with an account representative NOTE: Before applying your magnet to your vehicle, make sure that both surfaces are clean and flat. Vehicle magnets are designed to be removed frequently. Please clean both surfaces regularly to avoid damage to your paintwork. If you intend to keep your magnets on your vehicle then please remove and clean and dry them at least once a week to avoid rust forming. Do not apply your magnet over rust spots or flaky paint as this will reduce the power of the magnet and will also cause your vehicle more damage. If your magnet has been attached to a smooth flat surface then you

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