4' Tall Design Your Own Giant Money Tree Card


  • Giant Money Card
  • Money Tree Card Inside
  • Money Tree Card Display
  • Money Tree Front Example
  • Money Tree Inside Example
Customize it!

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 • Our 4' Tall Money Tree Card is a great gift for any occasion. Whether it be a wedding, graduation, baby shower, birthday or other special occasion you will be the talk of the party with this oversized money tree card.

• Easily assemble with your desired amount of money.

• Made from durable, weatherproof corrugated plastic.

• Use the easy money folding instructions provided here to make your dollars turn in to leaves. Then just attach money to the card using double sided tape, glue dots, or your choice of adhesive. A printed instruction sheet can also be provided upon request.

• We recommend $50-$75 to fill this money tree (using one dollar bills).

• Design your card now! It's fast and easy!


Big Funny Card orders​ normally take ​2 - 3 business days plus transit time.​

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