Die Cut Medium Pole Banner - Custom Shapes and Sizes


  • A personalized Pole Banner
  • A coffee cup themed pole banner print
  • A monkey themed pole banner

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Advertising is meant to turn heads.

The more unique, the better chance you have of success.

Break out of the ordinary with Custom Die Cut Pole Banners.

Die Cut pole banners are made from durable corrugated plastic.

The advantage of using this material is that there are no limitations to the designs you can make.

Durability of the coroplast is second to none. On Feb. 2nd the Midwest experienced a blizzard known as snowpocalypse 2011. With two feet of snow and wind speeds of 40 - 60 mph our test die cut sign showed no signs of wear or tear.  It went on to hang with minimal fading for another 7 years!

Custom Die Cut Signs are perfect for Zoos, Museums, and all special events. Your only limitation is your imagination.

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