Graduation Cutouts


  • A cutout of two kids that are graduating
  • The cut out of two graduates
  • graduation cutouts
  • Side view of full sized cutout stand
  • cutout stand
  • cutout stand
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• Surprise your Graduate with some of our Graduation Cutouts!
• Made of 4mm corrugated plastic.
• Printed in full color.
• Perfect for Graduation Parties Different height options available, including 12" tall tabletop size, 36" tall, and up to 6 foot tall.
• Choose from our Indoor or Outdoor Backing Options for life size.  The table top version has the one brace option, as shown.  We've created custom back brace systems that will help extend the life and durability.
Standard Production Time - Stock designs take 2-3 business days to produce, then ship time to you.  Customized designs will take a couple days longer to produce.  These will ship from us in Iowa.  Generally, we can reach both coasts in 3-4 business days.

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