Proud Army Dad iPhone 5 BruteBox„¢ - 2 Part Rubber and Plastic


  • A phone case that says "Proud Army Dad"
  • The back of a phone case that says "Proud Army Dad"

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This case is a military design "Proud Army Dad." Made only for the iPhone 5. Black protective iPhone cover. Image size on back side of cover is 4.86" x 2.3". The BruteBoxTM iPhone 5 case is a 2 part piece with full black rubber lining and over case that holds the insert. The cover is a cutaway to allow for button use but it still offers protection. The triple protection of the BruteBoxTM includes a rubber bumper with ribbed corners, an aluminum metal plate to cover the back, and a hard plastic under carriage. All this in a slim fit that prevents pocket bulge. More designs to choose from!

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