Reusable 4mil Corrugated Plastic Wedding Waste Bin Set of 6 - Just


  • 6 waste bins
  • a single waste bin
  • a sign that says just married
  • A QR code

This product is currently sold out.

This set of 6 Wedding waste bins comes with a 14"x14" imprint on each non handle side. The imprint is a "Just Married" scroll with chalkboard looking background. Our innovative disposable garbage cans are easily assembled and are sure fit for your needs. These collapsible garbage cans are made from 4mil corrugated plastic which is durable, weather proof and recyclable. This is our MEDIUM trash bin it measures 28"x16"x12" and holds up to 22.3 gallons. We've made our trash cans easy to move around by placing two handle holes, one on each shorter side of bin.

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