Three-Sided Auto Advertiser - Car Topper


  • A car topper on a moving car
  • A three sided car topper
  • A personalized car topper
  • The underside of a car topper
  • A close up of a magnet
  • A instruction manual for a car topper
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Auto Advertisers are great for your political race, business, or next event. Customize these durable Three-Sided Auto Advertisers for a quick and easy way to get your business seen! Dimensions: 3 @ 14.353" (top), 18.66" (bottom) W x 8.329" H Each sign includes one of the following options:: Cigarette Cord, Battery Connector, Tail Light Connector Mounting: 3 Neodymium Magnets w/ Rubber Covers Mounting Type: Magnetic Roof Top

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