Fan Shops


Fundraising Fan Shops - Flash Sales or Booster Stores - Corporate Apparel Stores


FLASH SALE - This is our short term fundraiser.

  • Typically this will host a small offering of products.
  • Customer orders are held and produced at the end of a predetermined time period.
  • Product is delivered or picked up all together.
  • Your portion of sales will be sent to you at the end of the month that your sale ends in. 
  • It's so easy!  And you make a larger percentage than most of those other fundraising schemes.
  • Expect to offer 1-4 items like: t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, camp chairs, stadium seats, drink holders, decals and car magnets and more.
  • Flash sales are great for any team or organization in need of quick and easy funds.
  • Also a great fundraiser for: Traveling teams needing new jerseys, or a tournament shirt that is available for a short time only, or seasonal sports teams wanting to sell fan gear for the start of their season - so many more ways to make this work and they are all so easy! 
  • We do all the work and gather all the funds!  You don't have to keep lists, gather money, handle complaints - we do it all for you!

BOOSTER STORE - This is our long term, can be for an indefinite selling period, type of fundraiser. 

  • Typically more products can be offered and the funds raised, will be sent out quarterly. 
  • Customers choose their ship method or they can pick up, if local to us.
  • This online booster store is great for any school or organization that doesn't have enough volunteers to staff an on site fan gear store - but still needs to provide gear for fans and also make some money.
  • Let us do the work for you!  We've got stores that have been live for several years. Everything is made to order, and ships out in less than 5 business days.  Check out this sample:
  • Expect to offer up to 10 of the following: t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, camp chairs, stadium seats, drink holders, decals and car magnets & more.
  • Once your store is established and you begin to see traffic, more items can be added, like coffee mugs, water bottles, lanyards, ornaments, and so much more!

Option #3

Fundraising Fan Shops - this storefront offers high quality performance wear:  t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, sweatpants, aprons and more!  All with your school design/logo on them, in your school colors.

  • Our Fan Shop process allows us to create custom fan stores for your customers (your fans).
  • Your fan base can browse their team stores, add items to their cart, and place the orders all by themselves, whenever it's convenient for them.  
  • Then their order is delivered right to their door, in 5-10 business days!
  • You don't have to keep lists, gather money or touch anything!
  • You get a quarterly check, based on 15% of net sales.
  • It's that easy!
  • Here is a sample storefront:

Who could benefit from a Fundraising Fan Shop?

  • fan shops are great for athletic teams, non profit or for profit organizations, company/corporate stores, school groups or teams, etc. in short, anyone who might have a need for great custom apparel and a way for just about any group to make some money in the process.
  • No inventory to manage! Products are made to order and shipped directly to the buyer. You won’t get stuck with a garage full of items waiting for pickup.

Option #4

How about a Company Branded or Corporate Apparel Branded Storefront?

  • Employees can place an order whenever they are in need of company branded apparel.  
  • You can order 24/7 and orders ship out in about 5 business days, then ship time to you.
  • You can place a bulk corporate order, whenever company provided gear is required - and in that case, you could qualify for a bulk quantity discount - depending on selling prices.
  • There is no inventory to manage! Products are made to order and shipped directly to the buyer. 
  • You can expect to offer up to 10 items and be able to choose from dress shirts, sweaters, jackets, t-shirts, reflective work gear and so much more! 

How do You get started?

  • Fill out the form below.  That's it!
  • Tell us which type of storefront you are interested in. 
  • We will work with you on designs and colors and styles for your shop offerings.
  • You will then receive your storefront link.
  • All you need to do is share the link with your employees or fan base.  They get access to completely custom garments and products with your colors and logos.


Fill out the form below -  OR email Christine directly at!