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This is Herman Cain: When Herman Cain speaks, people listen. When he debates, he wins.

If you care about the future of America, you have heard of the down-to-earth political newcomer running for president, the straight-talking man of the people with blunt assessments of what America needs. Originally overlooked by mainstream politicos and media, Herman Cain is truly a candidate from “outside the Beltway,” but no longer one who is being ignored. 

They Think You're Stupid: The syndicated radio talk show host presents an informed action plan to help the marginalized voter find a true voice in the American political process, arguing that the heart of the American democracy lies in its voters and pinpointing a number of issues that could prompt apathetic voters to become more involved in the political arena. 50,000 first printing.

Leadership is Common Sense: Herman Cain believes there is a better leader in everyone and that leadership is about recognizing the potential in yourself and others. In Leadership Is Common Sense, the reader is provided with the necessary tools to realize that potential. Cain, former Chairman of the Board of Godfather's Pizza, Inc., also shares an in-depth account of Godfather's Pizza turnaround to profitability.

With infectious enthusiasm, Herman Cain demonstrates the value of having a dream with the motivation, determination and passion needed to achieve it.

9-9-9 An Army of Davids offers fresh and unique solutions to our current economic crisis. It goes beyond the first steps- un-electing President Obama and repealing his dangerous laws and executive orders- and focuses on fundamental reforms that will make our economy soar as it did in the 80s and 90s. 9-9-9 An Army of Davids shows why the country needs Herman Cain s signature 9-9-9 tax plan and the elimination of a tax code that holds us back, robs us of our initiative, discourages jobs, and swamps our economy with imports.

About the author:  Herman Cain was raised in an impoverished family in segregated Georgia. Inspired by the work ethic and character of his parents, Herman attended Morehouse College and then earned his Master’s from Purdue University. He returned to Atlanta to work for the Coca-Cola Company, then Pillsbury, where he soon became vice president. From there, he served as Vice President for Burger King and then went on to become the CEO of the near-bankrupt Godfather’s Pizza chain, which he returned to solvency in just fourteen months. Herman also served as CEO and President of the National Restaurant Association. He was the chairman of the Board of Directors of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, and most recently hosted a radio talk show, The Herman Cain Show, which he gave up to pursue the presidency.