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3' Custom Giant Birthday Presents & Balloons Greeting Card

3' Custom Giant Birthday Presents & Balloons Greeting Card

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Giant Birthday Greeting Card

• Big, Funny Birthday Card
• Front is blank, with a collage of presents. Add your own text if you'd like!
• Personalize the inside with your own custom text.
• Next day rush available for an additional fee.
• Made from 4mm corrugated plastic, comes with it's own 'envelope', made from heavy duty cardboard. Ships in the 'envelope'.
• This card is sure to be a favorite and will definitely stand out from the crowd!
• Ships to Continental United States. For shipments outside the US or to Hawaii or Alaska please call for the best ship rates. 888.968.2688

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Richard Pickett
Made Moms Birthday!!!

Thank you for delivering a awesome birthday card! It was the highlight of moms birthday and so unusual that it will be cherished! Great Quality work! Thank you! Highly recommend Victory for your special events!

We appreciate your review of this product. Happy to hear it made Mom's Day.
Thank you, VictoryStore

Dichele Schartel

I sent it to my friends Mom for her 90th BD, I wasn't there when it was delivered but I got a text saying OMG. Fast shipping, I couldn't of asked for a better card for her.

Finally, I'll never have to buy another birthday card for my brother!

Back in 1996, I gave my brother a birthday card and forgot to write anything in it. For my birthday the same year he gave it back to me with a little bit of writing on the card saying what a clutz I was and that we should keep on writing in it. So began a 25 year tradition of passing the card between each other and slowly filling up the card with written text on very blank portion of the card, including the back. I bought the first card, and 10 years later my brother filled up the last free space on the card. I had to buy the second card, and finally on my Birthday last year, my brother (yet-again) filled up the last remaining space on that card. This meant I had to buy the third card to keep the tradition going.

I'm sick and tired of buying these birthday cards (even if its only once every 10 to 15 years), so I decided to "Big Birthday Custom Greeting Card" so I'd never have to purchase one again. The customization options were great allowing us to leave the inside (and back) of the card completely blank, leaving plenty of area to write on until both my brother and I have grown too old to lift the damn card. Even better is the fact that we customized and purchased the card on a Monday and received the card just in time for my brother's birthday on the Friday, this also included shipping the card to Canada!

I'm quite happy with the card, as an added bonus the giant cardboard envelope it shipped in is the perfect way to store the card between use. A great purchase!

Sandra Kinsella
Birthday Card

Lovely card, little scuffed but no time to have it replaced

Maureen GORMAN
Giant Greeting Card

This card was large enough that we were able to collect 100 signatures on it in celebration of someone's 100 Birthday! We were very pleased with the quality as well. And your customer service is excellent. Highly recommend.