A Yard Full of Roses Lawn Decoration (Set of 24: 8 Red, 8 Pink, and 8 Yellow) with 24 short stakes


  • The front yard of a house with 24 flowers in it
  • A 2d template of roses
  • 4mil corrugated plastic
  • 4mil corrugated plastic
  • A EZ stake

This product is currently sold out.

This yard decoration of 8 red, 8 yellow, and 8 pink roses (three different shapes) corrugated plastic is great for any occasion. Order your yard full of roses today!

***PLEASE NOTE Roses ARE FLAT NOT 3-D*** Set includes 8 full roses that measure 8"x7", 8 rose buds that measure 4"x8", and 8 partially opened roses that measure 6"x8". Set also comes with 24 short stakes for easy posting in your yard.

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