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The AlumaPlexi® sign is a double layered sign. This standard size is 18" x 24".

The bottom layer has a white aluminum base.  It has a height of 18" and a width of 24" and has rounded corners for a polished finish.

The top layer is a clear plexiglass, also with rounded corners. It is slightly smaller than the aluminum measuring 17" high and 23" wide.

Between the two layers is a 1/2" aluminum spacer.  A stainless steel threads a decorative washer then through the plexiglass, spacer and aluminum.

Our AlumaPlexi® sign is a high end sign with double layered printing, creating a polished, professional look that will last years inside as well as outside.


Custom sizes are available - see some of our pictured examples.  Call or contact us for custom pricing!

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