Birthday Yard Decoration - Honk It's My Birthday w/23 short stakes


  • The front yard of a house with a large birthday card and several smaller yard decorations
  • A 2D template for birthday yard decorations
  • 4mil corrugated plastic

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• Decorate your yard for a birthday with these funny yard decorations!
• 22 pieces total, the largest piece is the "Honk It's My Birthday" and measures approx. 57.87" W x 27.2"H, the 9 grouped geese measure: 11.5"W x 13.3"H, the swans measure: 17"W x 11.9"H, and the rubber ducks measure: 6"W x 6"H .
• Each piece comes with two of our short stakes for displaying, except the birthday sign, that comes with four short stakes.
• Made for short term display - but can be used over and over again.
• Giant Yard Cards, perfect for all occasions! We also offer Birth Announcements, Will You Marry Me and Over the Hill sets, to name a few.
• All yard cards are made from sturdy white corrugated plastic.
• Ships to Continental United States.  * For shipment to Hawaii or Alaska please call for ship rates. 866.241.2295

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