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Game Time Football Breakaway Banner

Game Time Football Breakaway Banner

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8ft Wooden Dowel Rod Poles

Game Time Football Breakaway Banner

• Reusable Break-Away banners pull apart as players make their way onto the field - which means there is no excessive stress put on the banner or the people holding the banner in place.

• Vibrant, full color design printed on 18 oz vinyl banner material.

• Our unique construction means the Break-Away Banner is REUSABLE. Simply reattach the banner sections at the Velcro® hook and loop seams, roll the banner up and store it for the next big game. Each banner has pole pockets on each side to accommodate up to a 2" pole.

• Reusable Two Part Break-Away Banners: We attach two banner halves together at the top, center, and bottom with sewn-in Velcro® hook and loop fastener. (NOTE: The 6 ' x 12 ' do not come with a center Velcro® strip, as the smaller groups cannot bust through. If you feel that is necessary after receiving your banner, please feel free to attach your own Velcro® to the banner to close it to your specifications.)

• Finished Size: Due to the nature of the hand creation of these banners, their finished size may vary. They may not be exactly the stated, finished size.

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