Custom Sport Standard Team Towel


  • Two personalized Towels
  • A towel
  • A deluxe and standard towel
  • A personalized towel
  • two personalized towels
  • two more personalized towels
  • yet again, two more personalized Towels

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When you are ready to order:

  1. Read all the info on photo quality and turn around time. If you have questions ask us!
  2. Place your order, and take note of your order number. (order must be paid in full before we can begin producing them)
  3. Be sure you have all your photos together, see photo requirements below.
  4. Upload your images here, make sure to submit them with your order number, or they can get lost:


Personalize a towel for each member of your team, club, office or traveling group! It's easy and affordable. Our standard 16"x26" towel is 86% cotton, 14% polyester, with cotton loops. Ungrommeted, Hemmed edges. Wash and dry to fluff to full size prior to first use. Important to note: Our digital direct to garment printing process creates a great looking image on all of our towels, but after the first wash, the fibers separate and fluff up so some fine details become blurred on our Standard towels. This is due to the cotton loop finish of the towel. Before use, wash your team towels in cold water. Drying these in the dryer will facilitate the fading process a little. We know towels feel best when ran through the dryer, just know that a small amount of fading will occur the first time or two, then the image should be set. If you're looking for a thicker, more velour type towel. Check out our Deluxe 16"x26" Towel.

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