Disposable Recyclable Cardboard Trash Cans


  • two waste bins
  • two waste bins
  • two waste bins
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Our innovative disposable garbage cans are easily assembled and are sure to fit the needs for your event. These collapsible garbage cans are made from white cardboard which is durable and recyclable. We offer two sizes of trash cans. Our large can measures approximately 39"x18.25"x12"/36.5 gallons and our medium can measures 28"x18"12"/22.3 gallons. We've made our trash cans easy to move around by placing handle holes are each side. Our collapsible trash cans are easy to fold down and store for your next event! *Pictured with a trash bag, bag is not included.* Trash bin Lid Option Info: Our trash bins are offered in three ways: - Without a lid. - With a lid (that has an oval hole cut into it). - With a lid and cover (the lid has an oval hole cut into it with a flap that covers the hole, this flap has an easy open tab to it).Trash bin lid instructions**Please note the double sided tape applied to trash bin is not meant to withstand long term use. If you wish to use long term you will need to re-apply double

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