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Green & Blue Camoflauge Washer Toss Outdoor Game

Green & Blue Camoflauge Washer Toss Outdoor Game

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• Measures apprx. 15.75"x15.75"x4"
• Made of 1x4 wood, PVC & Corrugated Plastic
• Covered in weatherproof corrugated plastic to provide durability
• Corrugated plastic is printed in digital full color green camouflage pattern with a complimentary blue camouflage pattern on the other box.
• Center hole made of PVC
• 8 Washers included that are covered with matching camouflage printed vinyl, 4 green camo & 4 blue camo
• FREE SHIPPING in the Continental United States

Washers Rules

Concept: Be the first player or team to reach a score of 21 or higher by throwing washers into the box to win the game.

Equipment: Two 15” square boxes with 3” tube/pipe for center hole. Four washers, sized at 2.5” in diameter (all four washers must be the same – different markings on sets of 3, to tell them apart)

Players: 2-4 players. Can be played as singles, or team play of 2 players per team.


  • Pitching Distance is 20’ from the center to center of the 3” center holes. During the pitch, one foot must remain equal to the center of the box.


  • A game consists of 21 points

  • All washers landing in the center hole is worth 3 points

  • All washers landing inside the box (but not in the center hole) is worth 1 point

  • All ‘equals’ count as ties and no points are scored – for example: if Team 1 scores 3 points on their turn, and Team 2 scores 3 points on their turn in the same throw – no points are scored for either team

  • Any washer landing on the edge of the box is an immediate winner – called a ‘Hanger’

  • The team or player to score points on the previous throw, throws first on the following throw

  • The first team or player to 21 points, wins. However, the win must be by at least 2 points

Skunk Rules:

  • The score of 7-0 or 11-1 is a Skunk and the game is over

Alternate Rules:

  • If no washer makes it in the box, the washer closest to the box scores 1 point


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