Halloween Yard Decoration - Serial Killer Tombstones with 10 short stakes


  • The front yard of a house with 6 tombstones with serial killer names on them
  • Three pieces of blank corrugated plastic signs
  • A stake for holding yard signs

This product is currently sold out.

Create a graveyard in your front yard with these beautiful full-color fake tombstones.

Each tombstone has a different serial killers name: Pinhead, Michael Myers, Leatherface, Freddy Krueger, and Hannibal Lecter.

Buy the whole set which includes 6 tombstones (one of each design) and short stakes, for displaying in your yard. Or purchase singles of your favorite design.

Digitally printed on 4 mil corrugated plastic these 21.3"x14.8" fake tombstones are easy to display. Simply put the provided short stakes (2) into the flutes at the bottom of the tombstone and press into the ground. Better than cardboard cutouts because these corrugated plastic tombstones are weatherproof, reusable, and easy to store for your next years Halloween display!

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