Memorial Day Yard Decoration - Eagle with Flag and 20 Crosses with 2 EZ stakes and 20 short stakes


  • The front yard of a house with a eagle holding an American flag with several Crosses surrounding him
  • A 2D template
  • 4mil corrugated plastic

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Decorate your yard for a memorial day with these yard decorations! 21 pieces total, the largest piece is the "eagle and flag" and measures approx. 19.67" W x 26.26"H, the crosses measure: 7.3" W x 12.5"H. Each piece comes with one of our short stakes for displaying, except the eagle, that comes with two short stakes. Made for short term display - but can be used over and over again. Giant Yard Cards, perfect for all occasions! We also offer Birth Announcements, Will You Marry Me and Over the Hill sets, to name a few. All yard cards are made from sturdy white corrugated plastic. For shipment to Hawaii or Alaska please call for ship rates. 866.241.2295

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