Special Events Package #2 - Rental Business


  • An image taking about lawn decoration business
  • Its a girl yard decoration sign
  • Its a boy yard decoration sign
  • Enjoy retirement yard decoration sign
  • A graduation celebration sign
  • Will you marry me sign

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Special Events Package #2
  • Stakes included with each set
  • Charge $25 per 3-day rental and make your money back with the first rental
  • Advertise on your Facebook feed to get your business off the ground
  • As your business grows, order more packages!
  • See below for descriptions and links for each package

    Set includes:

    (1) It's A Girl!

    (1) It's A Boy!

    (1) Enjoy Retirement - Clocks

    (1) Look Whoooo Graduated - Owls

    (1) Will You Marry Me Yard Letters

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