Valentine's Day Yard Decoration - Hanging - Hearts and Sparkles


  • Valentines day yard decorations hanging from a tree
  • 2D template for valentines day decorations
  • 4mil corrugated plastic

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This Valentine's Day yard decoration of hearts and sparkles is cut from our 4mil corrugated plastic.


Set includes 2 large red and 2 large pink hearts with arrows that each measure 11" x 10", 2 small red and 2 small pink hearts with arrows that each measure 6.7" x 6", 1 large red heart and 1 large pink heart that each measure 8.5" x 8", 2 small red hearts and 2 small pink hearts that each measure 6.3" x 6" and 16 sparkle shapes in 3 sizes: 5.9" x 5.9", 4.5" x 4.5" and 3" x 3".

(You provide the material to hang with, recommended fishing wire.)

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