Will You Marry Me with Love Hearts Yard Card - 12 pcs w/ 4 EZ stakes and 24 short stakes



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Need a unique and BIG way to propose to the love of your life? Decorate their yard with our Will You Marry Me with Love Hearts yard card. Little Love Hearts will cover the yard around a huge "Will You Marry Me? sign. Great for a decoration at an engagement party. Will You Marry Me? sign measures 28.5" x 78.5" sign and comes with 4 EZ wires. 10 small Love Hearts measure 12.5"x12.7" and each come with 2 mini wires each (total 24 mini wires.) Made for short term display - but can be used over and over again, maybe pass down to a family member! Made from weatherproof and recyclable corrugated plastic.

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