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Yard Card Rental Business 18" Bebas Starter Package

Yard Card Rental Business 18" Bebas Starter Package

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Yard Card Rental Business Starter Kit

Start your own business with our Yard Card Starter Package!

• Everything you need to start renting yard greetings and bring joy to your community.
• With our all-inclusive kit, you can easily make your investment back after a few weeks, and start collecting the profits!
• FREE GROUND SHIPPING in the Continental United States

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Latasha Abiodun
I just Loved the cards

I loved the way Ms.Patti goes beyond to make sure you get what you ask for.I really enjoy my new investment.

Love the Cards

I initally purchased the starter pack SK1. Upon receiving the package, all contents were included with the exception of the 24' stakes. Instead of receiving 50-12' stakes & 50-24' stakes, I received 100-12' stakes. I contacted my sales rep & informed her of the error. I also informed her I would like to exchange the SK1 for the SK3. I told her I will keep ALL 100 of the 12' stakes & pay for the extra 50' stakes but to send the 50-24' stakes that should have been included in the shipment. Since the same amount of stakes is included in the SK1 package as in the SK3 pack, the stakes will not be returned. The SK3 was ordered & I awaited its arrival. I also received an invoice for 50-12' stakes that I owed for as I kept the extra 50 that was included in the pack. I emailed the sales rep for clarity as to the invoice she sent. I didnt receive a response but since I know I owed for the extra stakes I paid the invoice. A few days later I received the SK3, which I love and another box of 50-12' stakes. I contacted my sales rep who stated she requested the 24' stakes to be mailed but they are having a snow storm & Im to return the 50-12' stakes at my expense, although I did not order them but was paying for 50 stakes already in my possession. I dont feel I should be rsponsible for shipping somethin I did not order. I just want my 24' stakes thats included in the pack. The sales rep has been helpful & I appreciate her. I have also ordered the sparkle pack & extra stakes.

Kristal Ferguson
Exactly what I ordered

Received my order in a timely fashion. Everything was exactly as described. My sales person was a great help.

Richard Muse
First Class Service

I ordered my starter kit — three alphabetic sets plus all the other good stuff — on August 3 and was expecting three or four weeks before receiving it. I quickly learned that it would be shipped within a few days and I could expect it the following week. So I went ahead and accepted a request for my 1st yard art order for that following Thursday. The shipment arrived that Thursday afternoon around 2 PM and my first setup was completed by 10 PM that night, eight hours later. Thank the Lord for no shipping delays and for the fast service of VictoryStore. The product is excellent, the staff is great, and I even received my magnetic car door signs and yard advertising signs a couple weeks later. I love VictoryStore and look forward to ordering many more supplies as my business grows.

Kyra Penn
Not getting a response from sales woman after purchase

I ordered my starter package on July 4th, I received my yard signs by the end of July and was ready to go. I have been following up with my sales rep on the marketing aspect of my package and she stopped answering my calls and emails. I am beginning to get upset because I was anticipating the 30 marketing on Facebook and my car magnet and I have no idea what the hold up is at this point. I honestly believe that part should be finalized and shipped with the yard signs. Now I’m over a month in and still waiting to tell me if the images were acceptable.