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3' Giant Valentine's Day Greeting Card

3' Giant Valentine's Day Greeting Card

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Giant Valentine's Day Greeting Card

  • Wish everyone who’s special a joy-filled Valentine’s Day with a big love you card! A big Valentines card is perfect for wishing friends and family members a happy Valentine's Day.
  • These large greeting cards have full color graphics and are made from high quality corrugated plastic for elegance and extra durability and come with an envelope.
  • This card is sure to be a favorite gift and will definitely stand out from the crowd!
  • The inside text reads:..." Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Some Poems Rhyme, But this one Doesn't. Happy Valentine's Day Anyway! "
  • Ships free to Continental United States. 

Big Funny Card orders​ normally take 5-7 business days plus transit time.​

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